This is why the children love residentials.

Back at the hostel the children are unpacking and organising their rooms. This seems to be their favourite part of the trip so far.

19 thoughts on “This is why the children love residentials.

  1. Tia you look so happy. We hope you have a brilliant time and we are very proud of you. Ps you left your pencil case at home silly billy xxx


  2. Fantastic blog guys I’m loving following your fun packed journey. Very wet but Lovely and peaceful here at home 😂😂 sorry liv but got to do it “I LOVE YOU” ❤️ Love Mum and Kobie xx

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  3. Behave yourself Cameron 😉 hope you have lots of fun.
    Amber is asking where cam cam is, think she is missing you already xxx


  4. What a fantastic first day you’ve had Y5! Looking up at the York Minster ceiling and the incredible architecture is a real experience. Think of the maths we could do with this? I have a challenge for you – what shops would you find on a Victorian high street? You should be able to find this out tomorrow when you visit the Castle Museum, look out for Kirkgate.

    Have a great evening and a good night sleep for your busy day tomorrow.

    Mr Williams and Mr Pursehouse

    Anyone feel a song coming on?


  5. Hi lacey, we are all missing you already and so is little shirley. It looks like you are having a great time lots of love and kisses Mum Dad and Amelia xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  6. what a great first day you’ve all had enjoy your evening and try and get a good nights kip for your busy day tomorrow.Alexander your mum says don’t forget what order to wear your clothes😂love ya son x

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  7. Eyup stevie looks looke you’v had a good day bet you loved all that walking 🤣 gus is laid at top of stairs waiting for you to come in and wondering why its so quiet 😂💬🔊 have fun and no keeping everyone awake all night 🙄
    Love dad chel and gus. ..YNWA


  8. So glad your having fun Crystal! Bet you will be worn out tonight 😴Seeing all these pictures are keeping us all entertained. Cain and Cally keep asking where you are and when you will be home. We’re all missing you lots and send you lots of love xx Mum Dad and the gang xx


  9. Good to se everyone is having a good time, and I’m glad you liked the crypt Joseph, haha
    Make sure you continue been a good lad, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!!!
    Have a good sleep, and enjoy your day tomorrow,


  10. Hope you’ve enjoyed today keem!!!! Miss you already House is soo quite lifa has sobbed a few times missing you!!!! Make sure you do no dave dannats 🤣🤣🤣🤣 we ❤️You mum dad & baby lif 😘😘😘😘


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